cheap price 2 part rtv silicone rubber liquid for silicone pad printing

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GC Silicone
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3910 0000
white,red, green
liquid silicone pad printing
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Excellent printing effects
30 Shore A
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liquid silicone pad printing
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cheap price 2 part rtv silicone rubber liquid  for silicone pad printing
Product Description

 1.Application of cheap price 2 part rtv silicone rubber liquid  for silicone pad printing

Pad printing silicone rubber is applicable to produce printing pads / transfer pads, Which is used for printing the irregular patterns on plastic toys, ceramic products, aluminum alloy sheet, electroplating products, trademarks, artworks and stationery etc.The silicone pad is a carrier which transfers the patterns from the steel plate onto the product’s surface.

2. Description of cheap price 2 part rtv silicone rubber liquid  for silicone pad printing

 Pad Printing Silicone Rubber is a two-component silicone rubber, and can be vulcanized in room temperature. Solidify time depends on the mount of curing agent, the more the curing agent, the faster the curing.


3.Characteristics of cheap price 2 part rtv silicone rubber liquid  for silicone pad printing

- Thousands of printing times, high quality
- Excellent printing effects
- Excellent resilience
- Without any impurity
- Multiple hardness


4. Datasheet of cheap price 2 part rtv silicone rubber liquid  for silicone pad printing

Item No.AppearanceHardness (shore A°)Viscosity (CPS)Tensile-strength( kgf /cm2 )Tear-strength (kgf /cm2 )Elongation-break(%)Mixing ratiooperation time (25 ℃ )Curing time( 25 ℃)shrinkage
CY805White5±13000±500≥18≥10≥300 100:320-30 mins2~3 h≤0.3%
CY810White10±16000±1000≥20≥12≥320 100:320-30 mins2~3 h≤0.3%
CY815White15±110000±1000≥25≥18≥350100:320-30 mins2~3 h≤0.3%
CY820White20±114000±2000≥36≥20≥400100:320-30 mins2~3 h≤0.3%
CY825White25±120000±1000≥41≥22≥450100:320-30 mins2~3 h≤0.3%
CY830White30±122000±1000≥45≥26≥480100:320-30 mins2~3 h≤0.3%
CY835White35±123000±2000≥48≥23≥460100:320-30 mins2~3 h≤0.3%


cheap price 2 part rtv silicone rubber liquid  for silicone pad printing MAKING INSTRUCTION:

Step 1: Prepare the original silicone pad pvc molds, make sure your original molds smooth and Clear.

Step2: Mix part A liquid silicone and silicone oil.
Usually the original hardness of the silicone pad is around 28 shore A , but adding silicone to adjust the hardness is available, when adding 2% silicone oil , the hardness will reduce 2 shore A. For example HY-933 silicone is 28 shore A , if you require hardness of 25 shore A for printing , then add 6% silicone oil .The percentage of silicone oil added should not more than 30% to keep high quality.

Step3:Add catalyst (part B) into the mixture and mix them evenly.
After the Step 2 by adding and mix the silicone oil evenly ,add the catalyst with recommended mixing raio into the mixture (For example, if the recommended mixing ratio is 5%, then this 5% is the weight of the totally mixture of liquid silicone and silicone oil ) and mix them evenly .


A. Weigh the exactly weight by electronic weight.If add two much catalyst , the operation time will be too fast to operate ,which will cause inconvenience to operate .
B. Mixture should stir evenly. Otherwise the silicon rubber will be partly solidified and this will give birth to difficulties in your final operation. What’s more, the finished silicone pad will meet a short life.

Step4: Vacuum pumping
Without exception, this step takes less than 10 minutes. Otherwise, it will cause cross linking reaction, and no more further steps will be available.
Step 5: Pouring the mixture into the original PVC mold
A. Put an wooden board on the surface of the silicone pad and set an hole on the board to make sure the board will closely stick on the pad .
B. Wait till the silicone pad totally cured before put into production.

Packaging & Shipping


  • Small size:5kg/jar,10kg/jar
  • General size:20kg/pail,25kg/pail,200kg/pail

       Delivery Time

  • Depends on the express you choose and the destination
  • Via Express:General 3-7 business days worldwide

       Shipping Cost

  • Based on the weight of the goods and the destination

      Tracking No.

  • The tracking No. will be sent to you the next day after shipping




1. Why will the silicone mold be reused only for a few times?

It can be due to the following reasons:

a. Adding too much silicone oil in to silicon rubber. Silicon oil is an additive which can destroy the molecular weight of silicone rubber and reduce the tension and tear strength.

b. Using the silicon rubber with a high hardness to make molds for small sized products with delicate and intricate designs or the silicon rubber with a low hardness to makes molds for large sized products with simple designs.

(Notes: we should choose the silicon rubber specifically according to the requirements of our products to avoid this problem.)

2. Why does the silicone mold appear to dry outside but wet inside?

Because molding silicone rubber is a kind of condensation silicone rubber, which get solidified after absorbing moisture from the air. In order to provide a significant shelf-life for the silicon rubber, we will dry out the water in the silicon rubber.

Solution: Add 0.1% water into the silicon rubber and Stir over a low speed briefly when you use it.

3. Why is the silicon mold oily?

The molding silicone rubber itself doesn’t contain any oil, so it won’t be oily. If the mold is oily, it may be because you add the compound silicone oil( the compound of silicon oil and white oil). The white oil is not silicon oil but a kind of petrochemicals.


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